Two Year Hair Growth Journey

Hi guys, it’s been a whopping two years since I started on my hair growth journey to re-grow my lush locks to their former glory!!


I has achieved my goal. I am amazed, and proud of myself.

I have to admit, however, that in the last 9 months, I micro-trimmed quite a few inches off the ends, every two – 3 months. Just to neaten and thicken out the ends and hemline, which has also had a lovely effect on the ends and overall quality and look.

If you take a look back in June/July of 2018, there’s a visble difference between the quality of my hair of then and now.

Ireally wish I took better + more photos, especially at the start, and apologize for the poor quality. But you get the general idea = rad hair! Long!

It felt like it took forever, but in the grand scheme of things, not that long at all πŸ˜„

And the best things I ever did was to oil my hair once a week with argan oilΒ  hemp oil, avocado oil, or any oil like olive; use wooden brush/wide tooth plastic comb; and to change the way I wash my hair. From washing all my scalp + length/conditiong my scalp and length – to only shampooing my scalp and conditioning the ends.

I don’t think the frequency matters that much, I recently started working fulltime, so could only wash once a week due to time, but I know I’d be happy to wash at day 5 if I only had time! So hopefully those out there just starting their journey feel no guilt if they wash two times a week, I think it’s whatever feels right for your hair β™‘

So, my plans for the next 6 – 12 months will be just continuing on from weekly oilings + washings. That’s pretty much all I do, and it works a treat βœ…βœ…


Xx Sarez

20 month hair journey

20 month hair journey

Hi guys, just a quick update on my journey. And although I haven’t quite reached the exact 20 months, I’m only a week off it. Um, yeh so long hair πŸ˜‚ I’m pretty ok with it. Last trim was late June, and I thought about doing one in August, but wanted to see where my hair had grown to by the end of sept or the end of the year, and now it’s at that length where it doesn’t really matter if I cut it or not. Like, cos now I’m too lazy. Might leave it for another 2 or 3 months.

It really just doesn’t stop growing. It’s gonna get to that point where I’m going to have to get it cut on purpose, cos for it doesn’t have to be extra extra long. And it took alooooot quicker than I thought as well. Minimum 2 years, but it 20 months ok. If I didn’t trim it, it would be a few inches longer, but it would be more stragely. So although I didn’t want to trim, it did help thicken the hemline.

I should probably do it again soo, but as I mentioned before I’m lazy. Also, cos it looks too cute πŸ’žπŸ’ž

And here it is, 3 months after the last photo I took, which was also my last micro-trim. You can see how it’s grown about an 1.5 inches or so (Average growth rate for 3 months.) all around the ends and thickened out. This is the results of micro-trimming 😊 as well as oiling my hair once a week. Oils oils oils, guys an girls!!

Luv yas,

Sarez xxxooo

Hip Hair Inspo πŸ˜„

Hip Hair Inspo πŸ˜„

Hi lovies, just a quick post. I collaged an old photo of me with hip length hair together with a photo from last night, my hair is about an inch away from hip. Measured from my front hairline is currently 32 inches. Alright! Way to go me πŸ˜‚

Yeh, how old am I? Lol

Anyway, I just passed 18 months, since I started my hair journey, about a week or so ago, and my progress is steady, and it’s going well. πŸ™‚

If I knew it was going to be this quick, I would of started years ago lol oops. Oh well, better late than never, aye

The main contributing factor for health and length retention is oils! I cannot say enough how good oils are for the hair! Like seriously, if you’re not already doing oil treatments before you wash, what are doing giirrrl (Or guy.)?!?!!!

Some of my favourite oils (Make sure they are pure and/or organic.) :

  • Argan oil
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Macadamia oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed and argan oil are very light weight, so you can massage your scalp with them, and it’s easier to wash out, without leaving any oily residue behind.

A couple of other things I did and use/d:

  • SnD the individual split ends I saw with a pair of quality hair scissors.
  • Micro trimmed for a six month period. 0.5cm – 2cm once every two months. This gets rid of old hair, neatens up the ends, thickens the hemline, and allows any shorter bits to catch up for more even hair growth. Eliminates taper.
  • Continually using a cone-free conditioner. My favourite is Ultra organics Clear Henna Wax.
  • Use a hydrating or sometimes clarifying shampoo with plant based sulfates, or surfectants.
  • No heat styling. My hair is stick straight anyway.
  • Limit chemical colourants.
  • Never brush hair when wet.
  • Always sleep with hair loose above head on pillow.

And yessss, I am still growing out old bleach, and peroxide from box dye. I really don’t know why companys make the developer so high, I just end up with orange then red hair, when I’m trying to be my natural cool toned brown. Now I just use 10 vol developer and 5.1 and do it myself πŸ˜†

Thanks for reading, luv yas and good luck on your hair journey πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

How To Get LONG + Healthy Hair Fast

The quickest way to hip length hair and the healthiest β™‘

Hair grows on average 6 inches per year. Some people grow more, some people grow less, and then there’s genetics, anagen phases of growth and well as your own hair type, and if you bleach or chemically treat your hair.

Here I have posted a simple care guide that starts with the basics, for any hair type, to help on everyone’s hair journey.

This is very self explanatory. However, I come across many comments on youtube and pinterest that, due to misleading advice, don’t know the basics of hair care to achieve their hair goals.

Even I had no idea in the first 10 months of my hair journey, how to properly care for hair. It has been through my own research, experimentation and results, that I’ve come to provide the basics for everyone to start with.

I hope this helps many of you, and good luck with your hair care and growth goals.

Sarez πŸ’–πŸ’–

Hair Growth Timeline + Monthly Goal Chart

Hey peeps,

Yesterday I wrote about my hair growth journey in the last 17 months, and how I’m at the top of my hip. Hooray! πŸ˜€

Anyway, I decided to muck about with the photo, and divide sections of hair growth into 9 month portions, just to give me a rough idea of how long it takes my hair to grow. Possibly not completely accurate, but as I said, a rough idea of how long it takes. I had no proper measurement guides on my photo editing software, but it helps me figure stuff out.

It may also help others out there to help them see how long it may take them, and if they want to go down that path, or not.



So, as I mentioned yesterday, my first goal is for all of my length to be at hip, which will be in about 3 months, and then 3 months after that, it will be in the middle of the yellow box that I’ve marked 24 – 27 months. So at 27 months (2.3 Years.) it will probably be about tailbone, my second goal.

I don’t know if I want to go any further, I’ve only ever been that length before, except somewhere I could sit on my hair at one point lol.

This does not factor in any trims in the first 18 months. I know I did, but it doesn’t make a huge difference overall, unless your going to the salon every three months and getting a few inches off at a time. Probably not the wisest thing to do if you want to grow your hair. Like seriously, I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned this. But, Don’t cut your hair. Not in the first 12 months at least. So YOU have an idea of how long it will take YOU to grow, and you can then measure your own progress.

I’ve also mentioned, that when I’ve hit my first goal at 24 months/2 years, I’ll be cutting it back a bit to even out that hemline again. I really don’t care about taper tooooo much, I always had fairy-tale ends anyway, but this time around, I just want it all the same length lol and now I know how to look after it.

So even if it takes 2.5 years to get to tail bone from when I started, I’m cool with that too XD


LOve love love yas

β™₯ Sarez Xx β™₯

β†’β†’β†’PS, if you have any questions about hair care, growing your hair, or why your hair may not be growing, just hit me up, I’m only to happy to help you in your journey πŸ™‚


Arm Pit to Hip in 17 months. Hair Growth Update

Hi Lovlies, another update post on my hair growth journey.

I think I reached the top of my hip at about 15 months, and wrote a post about my first micro trim.

Well, two months later, my hair has thickened out at the hem a bit, and I have also done another micro trim.

I know my first micro trim, I failed to pay attention to detail (One of my flaws.), and kinda chopped haphazardly probably about an inch an a half off. OOps.

ANyway, I think it’s grown back, and this time I trimmed it to make it straighter, just 1.5 – 2cm, and it looks much better.

Overall, it’s still tapering lightly at the hemline, but the micro trimming has worked, and the canopy is catching up to the long nape ends.


The only decent photo I could get lol and still a couple of upper flicky bits from an old fringe growing out.

Well past waist, and still at the top of hip after two micro trims.

The red line is my own personal first goal post for long hair, I’m basically there, just waiting for the rest to catch up.

Late Januaray 2019 is when I’ll trim again, maybe an inch or two, and possibly maintain with micro trims every two months till I hit Tail Bone Length (TBL) – my second goal, which will probably be June or July 2019.

Obviously this is a back view, and at the front, I’m at my belly button.

Only a few months till I’m all the way at my hip. YAY! I’ve come so far from Arm Pit Length (APL.), to Hip Length in such a small amount of time – less than 18 months.

I knew it wouldn’t take me long, because I’ve had long hair before, and grew it in my teens, it only took a couple of years from 13 – 15. So under 18 months is amazing!

I think my hair grows a lil bit more than average, maybe 0.7 – 0.8 inches per month, which isn’t bad.

Apparently it’s genetics, but it also to do with that anagen phase, or whatever it’s called. I’m still figuring that one out.

I think it’s a few things – 12 months of no conditioner haha, then using organic clear henna conditioner with no nasties in the last six month has left my hair soft and lightweight.

Oiling my hair pre-wash once a month from 10 months onwards.

At the moment I’m doing weekly oilings with Hemp Seed Oil (If it does amazing things to my skin, imagine what it’s doing for my hair.), after recent dyings with peroxide.


Thompson’s Hemp Seed Oil

Yeh, I won’t be dying my hair for awhile. Trying to get rid of the red in my hair due from the high volume peroxide in box dyes to dye my hair brown has been an ongoing battle with me for a couple of years. My hair is natural ash brown, without any red tones at all.

Left – several weeks after using “Colourless Hair Colour Remover. Right – Box dye level 8.1. Note all the red tones still there.


It was only yesterday, that I used a box 5.1 brown (The .1 making it a neautral/ash tone.), and a separate 10 volume developer, and not touching my scalp. Because trying to find a sensitive scalp developer in Australia is impossible. Obviously, I don’t have a few hundred dollars to get it done at the salon, my hair is so long now and thick, and they’d probably cut several inches off, and it wouldn’t take out the red anyway. I’ve noticed salon colour doesn’t last very long.

Anyway, using the first box dye of 8.1Β  20 or 30 vol developer has really burned my scalp, which hasn’t happened before, and I even did an allergy test. Go figure. So yesterday, I didn’t use developer on my scalp, just the colour creme with conditioner to ease the orange from the last dye. But still some minor chemical burning feeling occurred anyway with the vol 10. It’s a never-fucking-ending battle, and I oiled my scalp before hand. Errrghhh. So frustrating.

Anyway, it feels not so burny today, and now for the next seven months officially left that I’ve given myself to grow my hair in the space of two years, I’m at the holy grail of caring for it with weekly oilings. My weapon of choice – Hemp Seed Oil. Contains all three omega fatty acids, which are all good for hair, shitting all over basic bitch coconut, and miles ahead of argan. Hemp oil has become my new best friend πŸ™‚

I find hemp seed oil lightweight, non-greasy, pleasant sunflower seed-like aroma, which fades after washing. Leaves my hair healed and very smooth. I freaking love it, and will probably use it forever after, amen!

New routine:

Once a week (Or whenever I wash my hair, because I need a simple routine.)

  • Β Pre oil it all over with Hemp Seed Oil, wash with gentle shampoo and condition with Ultra Organics Clear Henna Wax.
  • Air Dry ONLY! This is a must! Never have I brushed my hair when wet, only that time after the advice from that forum. Ugh. Horrible. Another one of those things that I don’t know why people seem to think is a good idea.
  • Spray lightly between washings with DIY leave in Henna Conditioner. If I feel it needs it. Helps to calm the frizzy new growth from all the massages over the last several months lol oops.
  • Never ever bun or braid my hair when sleeping. I don’t know why people think this is a good idea, I have never done it ever, and I always heard horror stories as a teen about people’s hair falling out when they did. Amazingly, leaving it loose above my head when sleeping does not prevent it from growing any faster than anyone else who does. Obvious proof is obvious.

I think that’s all I do now, it’s getting long enough that I don’t need to encourage any more growth, cos it’s going to grow anyway. I normally leave my hair out most days, or twin dutch brains, or space buns, or twin plaits. I’m not into “Bunning” my hair. The only time that happens is when I hop in the shower. I also lost my hair stick about a month ago, probably a good indicator of me not needing it/spending money to keep up with the joneses’. I love my claw grips, and soft pony tail holders. Literally don’t use anything else.

I think it’s fine if people wanna show off their buns, or sleep with silk caps/sleep with it braided, I think it’s a personal choice, and people need to do what works for them. However, it seems to be what is popular among traditional long hair growers, doesn’t seem to work for my long hair needs. Not forgetting, I’m still growing out old bleach, whilst still chemically dyeing my hair every six months or more. I dunno, maybe I’m lucky to have awesome hair.

Another point to note:

  • I think hair absorbs more nutrients from the things applied to it, then from what we ingest into our bodies. I have mentioned before in another post that I tried max. strength biotin, and it had no effect on my hair whatsoever. I mean, yes, eat plenty of fruits and veges, drink lots of water and regular exercise – but that’s basic health anyway. Unless you’ve been eating junk/fast food and not getting any exercise, there’s not much you can do for the health of your hair if your diet is already good (Which mine was. So vitamins didn’t help.). Like, I took no vitamins at all that claimed to improve the growth rate of my hair. I know took chaga, but that was for some other thing, and it never claimed to grow hair fast. I could be wrong, maybe science says hair growth vitamins work. Maybe they work for you.

In saying all that, I noticed a marked difference in the softness of my hair after I started regularly applying argan oil to the ends of my hair on a monthly basis as a deep conditioning treatment. I used no other commercially produced, store brought masks specifically marketed towards hair. It was organic, cold pressed pure argan oil. No added nasties like the argan oil from the shops.

I think I’m going to make another post about hair myths, and busting them. Some things I’ve come across are really no no’s for hair care, but some people swear by them.

In the end, I’m so happy that I have come this far in such a short amount of time. I know some people take years to get to where I am, from the same start length (APL.). I hope this has encouraged those who want long hair that it is possible, and to not give up.

Start with 12 months of no trims, oil it every month, and condition from the ends down only, and you too will see a massive difference in the quality and length of your hair.

Good luck and much love,


Sarez Xx

Chaga Mushroom Healing Osteophytes & Headaches

Chaga Mushroom Healing Osteophytes & Headaches

Hi, welcome to another health and healing post. I mentioned about a month ago, I began taking Chaga Mushroom Capsules for vanity reasons – basically to get rid of the grey hairs. However, it had a much more beneficial effect on my internal health issues, which I was not expecting.


A painful, debilitating, degenerative disease with no cure and no free health care assistance from the Australian government that I can get. Practically have to be dead to receive any help. Anyway, I digress.

Commonly referred to as bone spurs, the osteophytes occurred on my c3 and c4 cervical spine, on my neck from injury relating to heavy lifting. I was volunteering at my local Red Cross Op Shop when the manager asked me to lift boxes containing heavy books, and a week later I awoke with the worst pain ever in my head and neck with constant headaches and brain fog. A month later, I saw my gp who thought it was congestion of the nasal passages and prescribed a nasal spray for me, which didn’t do anything, as that was not the problem.

I finally got a CT scan which confirmed the osteophytes. However, the only thing my gp could offer was taking turmeric and ibuprofen. No mention of nerve blocks (Which would of been the normal route to solve this issue, followed by surgery to remove the bone spur if the nerve block didn’t work.), just massages (Who has $60 – $100 a week spare for that when you’re a single parent on Newstart?), and heat wheat’s. I can’t even get medicare rebates for physiotherapy, as it’s not a life threatening illness, even though it’s constant pain and headaches and brain fog, without a cure.

Fast forward one and a half years later, constant pain in my head like there’s a bone reaching up from my neck into the back of my skull, laying flat against my brain, all the way to the top of my head. Constant. Daily. Also constant, daily headaches, brain fog and pain behind my eyes/nose. All day, every single day for 18 months since it happened. I am so tired of constantly taking ibuprofen for the headaches, which is not good for anyone anyway, and there’s nothing my gp can offer me that doesn’t involve drugs and surgery.

However, my friend started taking chaga mushroom powder for whatever reason, and after seeing his grey hair disappear after three weeks use, I decided to try for myself. I know there were side effects of it, and if you suffer diabetes, it’s a no no, and some other disease, I can’t remember. I purchased it in the capsule form due to it’s ease in consumption, other than in my coffee.


For one week, I took one chaga cap per day, four times below the recommended dosage, to build my system up to it. I didn’t notice any change in my grey hairs lol.

The second week, I began taking two caps per day, and at the end of that week, I was surprised to find that my constant headaches had gone, as well as that horrible constant pain in my skull. I couldn’t believe it, I was expecting surface changes, and got internal healing within the space of two weeks.

I had to stop taking it though, as I noticed the nerve pain in my extremities from diabetic symptoms, and have not taken chaga for a few weeks. And it’s only today, that I’ve felt that skull pain and headaches return.

It sucks for me, cause it means I’m high risk diabetic type 2, so I need to work on that, so I can continue the course of chaga for complete restorative health.

Note: I stopped taking ibuprofen while taking chaga, as it can thin the blood, and that ain’t good.

I would also recommend telling your gp that your taking chaga, the reason why, so if you have an accident, anyone that treats you will know what’s in your system, and how to respond accordingly without causing anymore damage.

The day after I stopped chaga, I accidentally jabbed my hand with my sparkly rainbow scissors. It was a deep cut between my middle and ring fingers, and my body went into shock with nausea and headache (I get that with piercings, blood tests, etc.). I’m glad I stopped it just in case. I also fell down the stairs while holding the cat and bruised my tail bone and couldn’t do anything for two and a half weeks. So if I stop fucking myself up, control my diet and related diabetic nerve pain, I might be able to finish those chaga caps, and get on with a pain free life.

Healing nerve pain. One of the reasons I stopped the chaga, was the horrible nerve pain I was getting in my feet and hands. Peripheral neuropathy. From diabetes. And although I’ve noticed it for a few years, I was too busy to always pay attention to it, and would forget about it, it would just come and go. But the chaga made it flare up so bad that I had to stop taking it, and take a long hard look at my diet and lifestyle.

I’m only 68kg, but I do look chubby, and my dad has diabetes type 2, plus the nerve pain. So I searched for natural remedies and it leadΒ  me to apple cider vinegar, which I love for my hair, but I always take a short cut, and take capsules. One a day for a week cleared it right up, but again, side effects were taking it’s toll on me and I had to stop taking it. I don’t know why companys make sure “Max potency” per cap, but it’s not needed, I would prefer a gentler, long lasting approach. Apparently ACV can strip the body of potassium, and cause other side effects, so it’s better to err on the side of caution.

I have mentioned that I plan to go back to my GP, but I’m waiting to control my diabetes before getting another blood test when I don’t have much responsibilities (Due to my body reacting to needles, piercings, metal in my body. I can become very sick, throw up in car parks if I don’t rest completely after a blood test, which inevitably creates anxiety. Yay me.). But yeh, I would rather not have diabetes, thanks. Prevention better than cure.

So to help, again, with the nerve pain, I have started taking hemp seed oil capsules at the recommended dosage of 2 x daily and we’ll see if that helps with so many things. I’d take cbd oil, but it’s not quite legally available in QLD, unless your child is epileptic and you have a script from a pediatrician and gone through several hoops. I can buy it, but I don’t feel like taking the risk.


Sarez Xx