Wrote a really ling post before, but it went missing.

Here’s a collage of me 12 months apart.

Gonna challange myself to yoga every night for two weeks.

Wish me luck!

Dyeing for cancer research

Dyeing for cancer research

This is gonna a bit personal. Maybe.

Apologies for not updating in forever, however, always busy at work. Sorry!

Anyway, one of my goals after growing my hair, was to dye it blonde, and play with colours.

I finally went blonde in January, and an insane shade of green. Then I bleached it all out, and tried to go as white as I can for pastel shades.

This has been more painful that I thought, there are still yellow strands no matter how many times I bleach and tone.

OMG, and toner! There’s no Wella T18 in Australia anymore, we have to order it from outside Aus, and it’s wasyyyyyy expensive, and could take up to six months to get here.

Olaplex, not so bad, it’s still available, although exxy.

With toner, I’ve had to make do with a semi from the supermarket, and/or permenant colour cream + developer.

So the colour cream, I’ve had great results :

The white blonde. Vitality’s Colour 101 Light Ash Blonde.

That wss the dsy after I toned it.

I asked my kid what colour I should go, as I was feeling maybe pastel pink. She agreed. Than I saw a targeted facebook ad for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, to help raise funds for research by shaving, cutting or dyeing you hair.

I thought this was perfect timing!! I signed up, and have raised over $170 this month. I’m sooooo happy.

Please donate here: https://fundraise.nbcf.org.au/fundraisers/sarahalback

I’ll be going pink soon. Thanks in advance to anyone who’s donating, much love to you all!!! 😍😍😍

Two Year Hair Growth Journey

Hi guys, it’s been a whopping two years since I started on my hair growth journey to re-grow my lush locks to their former glory!!


I has achieved my goal. I am amazed, and proud of myself.

I have to admit, however, that in the last 9 months, I micro-trimmed quite a few inches off the ends, every two – 3 months. Just to neaten and thicken out the ends and hemline, which has also had a lovely effect on the ends and overall quality and look.

If you take a look back in June/July of 2018, there’s a visble difference between the quality of my hair of then and now.

Ireally wish I took better + more photos, especially at the start, and apologize for the poor quality. But you get the general idea = rad hair! Long!

It felt like it took forever, but in the grand scheme of things, not that long at all 😄

And the best things I ever did was to oil my hair once a week with argan oil  hemp oil, avocado oil, or any oil like olive; use wooden brush/wide tooth plastic comb; and to change the way I wash my hair. From washing all my scalp + length/conditiong my scalp and length – to only shampooing my scalp and conditioning the ends.

I don’t think the frequency matters that much, I recently started working fulltime, so could only wash once a week due to time, but I know I’d be happy to wash at day 5 if I only had time! So hopefully those out there just starting their journey feel no guilt if they wash two times a week, I think it’s whatever feels right for your hair ♡

So, my plans for the next 6 – 12 months will be just continuing on from weekly oilings + washings. That’s pretty much all I do, and it works a treat ✅✅


Xx Sarez

20 month hair journey

20 month hair journey

Hi guys, just a quick update on my journey. And although I haven’t quite reached the exact 20 months, I’m only a week off it. Um, yeh so long hair 😂 I’m pretty ok with it. Last trim was late June, and I thought about doing one in August, but wanted to see where my hair had grown to by the end of sept or the end of the year, and now it’s at that length where it doesn’t really matter if I cut it or not. Like, cos now I’m too lazy. Might leave it for another 2 or 3 months.

It really just doesn’t stop growing. It’s gonna get to that point where I’m going to have to get it cut on purpose, cos for it doesn’t have to be extra extra long. And it took alooooot quicker than I thought as well. Minimum 2 years, but it 20 months ok. If I didn’t trim it, it would be a few inches longer, but it would be more stragely. So although I didn’t want to trim, it did help thicken the hemline.

I should probably do it again soo, but as I mentioned before I’m lazy. Also, cos it looks too cute 💞💞

And here it is, 3 months after the last photo I took, which was also my last micro-trim. You can see how it’s grown about an 1.5 inches or so (Average growth rate for 3 months.) all around the ends and thickened out. This is the results of micro-trimming 😊 as well as oiling my hair once a week. Oils oils oils, guys an girls!!

Luv yas,

Sarez xxxooo